Movin'On Startup Challenge Winners 2018


SeaBubbles brings back urban mobility to where it came from, the waterways. We develop fully-electric boats using new foiler-technology in order to solve the problem of congestion within cities.


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Nino Robotics

Nino’s ambition is to revolutionize the mobility of those who have difficulties walking, are aging or handicapped, by designing and selling a seated

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The Train Brain

The Train Brain is an AI platform for reducing train delays. Our vision is to automate traffic control in order to optimize rail infrastructure, rolling stock and staff resources.


Mellowcabs manufactures light electric vehicles that provide low cost, efficient and emission-free taxi and transport services in cities.


Let yourself be guided turn by turn thanks to a halo of light directly on your handlebars. SmartHalo chooses the fastest and safest routes for you.


The app that warns you when you park in a restricted area and shows available parking spots nearby.


K-Ryole is the first painless electric trailer which
can carry up to 250 kg, securely and without any
additional effort


Develop a cargo ship designed for transoceanic voyages and powered primarily by an energy source which is in
infinite supply, 100% clean and free : wind.


OpenFleet provides off the shelf and comprehensive technology solutions for new mobility operators, rental
companies and niche markets.


Our Internet of Things platform enables our
Smart City clients to increase citizens’ satisfaction with 
public transport, city services
and local commerce.

Zéphyr et Borée

Zéphyr & Borée has the ambition to accelerate the energy transition in maritime transport by operating innovative merchant vessels propelled by a clean, renewable, and free energy : the wind.


Designing, manufacturing and
distributing « made in France » 3 wheeled utilitybike with electrical assistance, adapted to the transport of important loads and volumes.


AI software for fully connected autonomous vehicles.


Velco design & sell the first connected
handlebar for bicycle, the Wink Bar.


Citymagine is the 1st predictive maintenance technology using image dedicated to roads & smart cities facilities.
Why? Increase safety, lower maintenance costs and enable autonomous vehicles.

Open Transport

Open Transport is an open mobility platform: a network of all transport operators and logistics services to provide the tools to easily offer multimodal transport.


We design, produce and distribute energy solutions to
 power all electric devices. We break the couple a
bike / a battery, our battery becomes "multi-purpose".


Zify is a multimodal carpooling platform which offer a web of mobility services in order to simplify our users' commuting experiences.


Thanks to our high quality products, our customers in the transport industry can acquire and transmit data until now
inaccessible. That allows them to optimize their fleet of vehicles.

Vacus Tech

Vacus Tech makes Fog Enabled Products for Indoor Positioning and Tracking. Our product solves the age-old problem of GPS Failures.

Eva Coop

Eva is a cooperative movement that
develop decentralized technologies for urban mobility.

Eva will launch a e-hailing platform based on the blockchain.


SnikkyBike combines the agile riding properties of a kick scooter with the stability and comfort of a road bike into an effortless all electric vehicle.


AppyParking is on a Smart City mission to make parking a truly forgettable experience. Our ambition is to save drivers
time, money and saves cities from congestion and pollution...

My Anatol

 A worldwide multimodal Mobility Platform that we tune with Local Partners in order to create the best local mobility solution for Citizens and change mobility habits towards more sustainable mode.


MyBus offers a simple, universal, free and ready-to-use m-Ticket solution. This solution requires no investment from the City. MyBus is positioned in favor of Smart Cities with this frugal innovation.


Cocolis is a collaborative platform for parcel carpooling. The idea came from a double acknowledgment: shipping heavy or bulky goods can be very expensive, while most cars travel with an empty trunk.


Zeleros is a Spanish company leading the development of a faster & more energy-efficient transportation system, inspired by Elon Musk's hyperloop, moving passenger and cargo at 1000km/h.


OuiHop' is a social ride-hailing app for short distance and daily commutes. With its real-time connection module & its GPS based service, carpooling is easy and efficient.

Steering AI

We developed the world's first early warning system for fatigue driving, which provides a reliable and illumination insensitive solution for commercial fleets.

Cosmo connected

We developed the world's first early warning system for fatigue driving, which provides a reliable and illumination insensitive solution for commercial fleets.


Bestmile empowers mobility providers to
deploy, manage and optimize autonomous and human-driven vehicle fleets, supporting
fixed-route and on-demand services.


AddSeat a new level of mobility allowing wheelchair users to visit places that would normally be exhausting; cobblestones, grassy areas, sandy locations, snow, and is as practical in the home/office.


ARIS - autonomous robotic inspection system, with SLAM chassis and in-door/out-door adaptability, robotic arm, and sensors provides fully autonomous, more accurate and consistent inspections.


Smartcar is a connected car developer platform. We make it possible for app developers to communicate with vehicles across makes and models in a single engineering effort.


G7 is China's leading technology service provider for today's fleets. Over 600,000 vehicles are connected through our platform that offers a wide range of services tailored for the Chinese market.


Mappo is a global platform for Geo content, of cultural work. Mappo reinvents the concept of “map” by layering culture content on the map. Content is created by users and advanced algorithm

Port Franc

Port Franc is developing with the Government of Quebec the first carbon-free intermodal logistics chain since Montreal, with a 5PL blockchain platform connecting all green actors.


Rebicycle is the first bicycle company to make ethically manufactured custom bicycles from upcycled steel frames and new parts, soon to be manufacturing our own frames from 100% recycled material.


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