Movin'On Startup Challenge Winners 2019


Einride is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable. With ll electric autnomous vehicule or t-pods


TransPod is developing the next generation of affordable and sustainable ultra high-speed ground transportation for a better connected and fossil fuel-free society.

Lithion Recycling

Lithion Recycling has developed an efficient and cost-effective process for recycling lithium-ion batteries, the most widely used batteries for electrical vehicules and portable electronics.


The Hydrogen-based liquid carrier facilitating hydrogen mass transportation

An easier and cost-efficient solution for hydrogen logistics to enable the global rollout of hydrogen technologies.  

Ascendance Flight Technologies

Ascendance develops and will release a fully certified and market-ready Flying Taxi. A hybrid Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft dedicated to Urban and Suburban Air Mobility.


B4B has developed a rigid wingsail system to reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact of the maritime sector, a key industry for our society.


Spacetrain develops an innovative concept of interurban transportation powered by hydrogen fuel cells and sustained by air cushions that would circulate at 500 km/h on a monorail


DOVU’s vision is to make a positive impact on people and places by facilitating smarter travel. Using blockchain and cryptocurrency, we offer a new way to incentivise positive behaviour.


Westwell focuses on neuromorphic engineering and creates the world’s first autonomous 24-hour operation container truck. The startup also develops artificial intelligence smart port system.


Nervtech provides driver evaluation for detection of lacking driving skills and recognition of good driving behaviour. While doing so it collects valuable data for AI for AVs based on human behaviour


A patented fast solar solution developed to manage several multi-orientations of solar cells on moving objects or vehicles. 1st prototype is a designed and fully integrated E-bike, called Sun-E.


Proovstation automates and standardizes the global automotive inspection process. Our product is an automated drive-through bay which detects and analyses vehicle damages using AI and Blockchain.


Re-Fire Technology commercializes hydrogen fuel cell powertrain integrated in electric vehicles.


BreezoMeter is striving to be the global leader in location-based, real-time air quality and pollen data, in order to help billions of people improve their health with actionable data.

Essence Motocycles

ESSENCE Motocycles, push motorcycling to the next level riding experience. At the cutting edge of technology, they build thrilling 100% electric motorcycle, for a sustainable joy of ride.


Carrobot is the most powerful HUD ever invented with a virtual image projected 18 inches in front of you. Advanced AI technologies, powerful voice control, high-end display and advanced features

Hyper Poland

The only company in the world with a patent-pending technology allowing a staged implementation of Hyperloop-inspired system as an upgrade to the railway industry.


Wello is a solar-powered multi-purpose vehicle safe and connected for all.

Compact, agile and fully connected, Wello durably changes citizens way to move around as well as good logistic.


Magway sustainable solution addresses the challenge of ecommerce growth & a reliance on outdated modes of transport , improving air quality, road safety, & reducing maintenance & delivery costs.

Leap Aeronautics

We are developing an electric aircraft which can take-off and land as an helicopter which will be the future Air Taxi. People can bypass the traffic and fly to their destination in just few minutes.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

CUT chemically adsorbs CO2 emissions into exfoliated solid feedstock to create a portfolio of nanoparticles which have technically-validated applications as additives in the plastics and epoxy

PIX moving

PIX reimagines autonomous mobility by integrating living, working and entertainment spaces on self-driving robo-vehicles, leading to new lifestyle and creating sustainable city.


Wattpark is the first charging point for EV (including scooters, bikes, cars..) that can be booked remotely, shared and therefore monetized.

Warden Machinery

The solution is a computer vision-based system that detects fatigue, drowsiness and distraction. It also analyzes human behavior both individually and in huge crowds, providing sustainable security.


CLIP is a portable e-motor device to transform any bike into an e-bike, instantly. Commuters will access to CLIP, 24/7, via a network of automated vending machines, strategically installed in cities.


3D-printed electric car fully customized according to the customers’ needs at a significantly lower cost and shorter time. 


Automated road assessement for over 100 cities in five countries using AI and smartphones.


Live parking maps. An AI-based cloud platform to bring live parking maps into all mobility services.


Based on light electric quadricycle that can be stacked together and be redistributed as roadtrains, the concept enables to operate short distance carsharing services complementing public transport.

VeloMetro Mobility

VeloMetro has developed a three-wheeled, enclosed, pedal-electric velomobile that offers the comforts of a car with the freedom of a bicycle, deployed in a sharing service called Veemo.


TWAICE supports enterprises across industries with predictive battery analytics software based on digital twins. We merge battery models with field data to provide unique insights into battery aging.


Parknav uses artificial intelligence to know where there is open on-street parking in real-time for every street in a city, 24/7, for all types of on-street parking (free, metered/paid and permit).


"Car version of airbnb" Atzuche is a private car sharing platform, customers can use to rent cars from car owners then the staff will pick up the car from the owner and drive it to the customer.


We have developed a high performance rechargeable battery based on common zinc that has the energy of Li-ion but the cost more like lead-aid and safer than both both for people and the planet

Denver Technologies

Denver Technologies creates the missing infrastructure enabling autonomous vehicles and smart cities projects by turning existing streets into a smart infrastructures


Le Galuchon is a design and ergonomic backpack, connected to a GPS navigation application. The lights turn on to increase the visibility of cyclists and offers a sensory guidance system by vibrations


Tuverl is an app that makes public transport cheaper, more accessible and more predictable to millions of commuters across African countries by helping public transport operators reduce operation.


Jakarto uses a mobile platform to capture more than 2 million measures per second and 360 degrees views of street view using High Definition Cameras and LiDARs.


Protostellarwas created in April 2018 and break-even in its first year. It digitally follows a container, registers it in Ports and allows a smooth transition between rail and maritime


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